Thursday, December 4, 2014

Tucker Torpedo vs Tucker 48, and the Ida family fascination

You've seen Bob Ida's previous Tucker masterpiece, the hot rodded Tucker in a post years ago the "Lower 48" and!1948-tucker-"lower-48"/photostackergallery4=2 (for a full gallery)  and now they've put other projects on hold to create a full size Torpedo from concept drawings and a 1/4 scale model. This car only has a single bucket seat in the front, and two in the back. It's existence, like most Tucker things, was forgotten by everyone until an estate sale opened up the barn of one of Tuckers designers, and the drawings and model surfaced.

Bob's dad was one of the few Tucker dealerships, and though that was one of the shortest operations (one day) it's appearent that the son and grandson of that dealership dreamer have been fascinated enough with a car of unusual design, that they've went to such great lengths to make variations of the Tucker, just for fun. Though I've read an article on the hot rodded Tucker they made, I didn't post much about it, as no one seemed to care. Maybe when this one off is complete, the interest will perk up. Tucker had another concept, for production in South America, which has often been overlooked as a manufacturing center until recently, and it too is only a drawing. The Carioca

I may be wrong, but it seems that to dream of winning a Ridler, and to compete with Troy Trepanier, Chip Foose, and those artists of mechanical perfection, you have to create something very intriguing, very unusual, and to incredibly high standards. Perhaps this will be the one Ida creation to nail it.

The Torpedo, concept predecessor to the 48, will get the great-grandson of Preston Tucker involved in it's build...  Sean Tucker, an automotive engineer working at Mack Truck in Pennsylvania is lending a hand to design the steering wheel assembly.

The team is following the original engine guidelines for an air-cooled motor, but instead of installing a rare spare Tucker engine (they exist, I've seen them) the team is planning to use a late-90s Porsche 6-cylinder.  and  you might recall, brought the streamline Gyronaut X-1 to Palos Verdes this year


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