Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Corrupt asshole egocentric overpriveledged IA cop tells patrol man to get the fuck back in his patrol car... then he jumps out at the patrolman? oh hell no.

When you get to the end of the news broadcast, then they mention that the Miami (!) Police Department doesn't have video cameras in their cars... WHAT? That must be convenient for dirty cops when their bullshit isn't recorded as evidence by themselves.

But this good cop,  he packs along a Go-Pro for self protection, and if he didn't, we wouldn't see how the guilty of speeding IA Lt lost his effing mind and went bonkers, telling the cop to fuck off.

Reminder to everyone, always film every interaction you have with cops, because, just like this patrolman who was doing the good work of pulling over speeders, it might be the only evidence you have that some corrupt cop decided to eff you up and lie about it

or look at the crap this fellow cop in the truck causes for a patrolman.... too damn much ego, feels he's immune to regarding the laws that he has a badge to enforce, only on others, not that he has to follow himself

or this dependopotomus, who wants everyone to know her husband is a Lt ("When my husband gets here, you're going to have BIGGER problems!")

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