Thursday, November 20, 2014

you may be stuck in the snow, so think about getting a snowmobile. Maybe, even a super cool Brooks Stevens designed Spirit of 76 sled

Brook Stevens was a premier industrial designer that worked for the likes of Miller Brewing, the Milwaukee Road RR, Studebaker, Jeep, Harley Davidson, Oscar Mayer and OMC. His association with OMC was a long one, and he influenced a wide variety of the company’s products from LawnBoy lawn mowers to Evinrude boats to Cushman vehicles.

The collection includes many reference photos of Johnson, OMC and Evinrude snowmobiles. Of interest today, this Red White and Blue beauty. As many will remember, 1976 was America’s Bicentennial year and consumer products of all sorts appeared in the nation’s colors. This theme extended to OMC’s production snowmobiles that year, but I know there will be interest in this prototype that never hit the snow.

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