Monday, November 24, 2014

This is the barn from Walt Disney's backyard, it is now located in the Griffith Park

It was the control center and shop for Carolwood Pacific, the scale railroad Walt Disney once had in his backyard. Walt, a member of LALS (Los Angeles Live Steamers, had his workshop and ran the switches for his home railroad.

Walt Disney always loved trains, and through his own initiative and personal financial resources, he was responsible for preserving real steam railroading for generations to enjoy at Disney theme parks around the world.

 Walt Disney helped to build, and enjoyed sharing, one of the most intricately detailed miniature live-steam home railroads ever created: the one-eighth scale Carolwood Pacific Railroad, in his backyard.

In 1950, Walt built the Carolwood Pacific Railroad in the backyard of his house in Holmby Hills, California. He named the railroad for the street where he lived: Carolwood Drive.

The Barn is open on the 3rd Sunday of each month from 11 am to 3 pm. Parking is free, and admission is free. Donations to the Los Angeles Live Steamers Museum are accepted.
 Walt Disney Barn Contact Information 818-934-0173 or

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In 1948 the United States Marine Corps adopts Toys for Tots, and expands it into a nationwide community action project as the U. S. Marine Corps Reserves Toys for Tots Program.

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Walt Disney designs the now famous Toys for Tots train logo and creates the first national Toys for Tots poster. These Christmas posters have become a recognized part of the annual program, and through the years have featured such notable characters as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Dennis the Menace, Bugs Bunny and the Road Runner.

the Los Angeles Live Steamer Museum has many scaled down trains, and 3 retired cabooses, and 2 sleeper cars made by Pullman. It is in Griffith Park, 5202 Zoo Drive, Los Angeles, California 90027

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