Wednesday, November 26, 2014

the Copper Range Bus Company, a history of the parallel between bus riders and privately owned cars eliminating the need for busses

Copper Range Motor Bus Company body by the Eckland Bus Company.

In November 1925 the Copper Range Motor Bus Company began as a wholly owned subsidiary of the CRRR, serving the entire range from Calumet to Painesdale,

 Beginning in March 1926 the route was extended to Ontonagon.

 In 1929 the Copper Range Company purchased the company from the railroad and operated it from the parent company. In 1945 the bus company carried 781,290 passengers but by 1950, with more people taking to the roads in personal vehicles the number was down to 594,381.

 Ridership by 1952 was down to 339,195 and the company cleared only $542.20 in profit, most of this from Ontonagon and Gogebic counties where the CR transported workers to the new White Pine mine.

Following a fire in 1953 that destroyed part of the Houghton business district, including buildings owned by the bus line, and an operating deficit of $6,276, Copper Range decided to end operations of the line. In 1955 it discontinued service and liquidated the company.

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