Monday, November 24, 2014

the "booth bait" at the CTN expo was great this year

As to getting people to swing into the booth, you can't go wrong with cookies! Especially those made by Keebler elves

or have a drawing for a movie poster signed by the cast!

having a candy tie in to your company name? Pretty damn smart.. you can always give away candy with the company name on it, without messing about with inventing a candy!

and business cards, wow... Julia made these, that are wax sealed, and have her resume inside!

Below, Zach had a couple dozen handmade business cards, you could chose which one you liked the most

But my best booth award has to go to the "Camp" book booth, for working up a camp tin cup merchandise to go with the book, and the backdrop is great, but the wood?

the wood and backpacker really get the point across!

and the Iron Giant, was the most consistant icon there, I saw about a half dozen different iterations... and EVERYONE adores the Iron Giant, and hopes for a sequel or prequel... pretty damn good for an independent movie!

for a good look at the entire CTN Expo, in a blog post by the book seller with the giant selection in the front hall

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