Monday, November 24, 2014

NYC school offers class on how to survive encounters with abusive and unprofessional cops

The New York Civil Liberties Union (NYCLU) has been invited to a New York City high school to train students in how to interact safely with police. The school requested the hour-long training session in light of the city's history of profiling young, minority men for disproportionate police scrutiny, and killing unarmed innocent people.

 NYCLU representatives told kids to be polite and also told students they don't have to show ID or consent to searches, that it's best to remain silent, and how to file a complaint against an officer.

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Principal Mark Federman said he brought in the NYCLU because students told teachers they had bad experiences with being stopped by police.

He said the training also was relevant to history classes studying the Ferguson, Mo., shooting. “We’re not going to candy-coat things — we have a problem in our city that’s affecting young men of color and all of our students,”

The hourlong workshops — held in small classroom sessions during advisory periods — focused on the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk program and how to exercise Fourth Amendment rights when being stopped and questioned in a car or at home.

Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said, “I think we deserve equal time and should have the opportunity to follow up with the same platform to explain exactly what police do and what we think is the best way to deal with the police.” (the kids know what cops do, they shoot innocent people, harrass minorities, and stop and frisk with no probably cause)

Eugene O’Donnell, a former police officer and professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, said the literature implies cops are “public enemy No. 1.” (clearly, doesn't this idiot get the news?)

Meanwhile, in other news, a cop kills a 12 year old kid in Cleveland that was on the swings at a playground with a bb gun, and Ferguson Missouri has been declared a"State of Emergency" after its cop kills an unarmed 18 year old, and NYPD killed an innocent unarmed man when they went through a building for no purpose,  the shooting recalled a 2004 incident in which 19-year-old Timothy Stansbury was shot dead by a startled officer on a Brooklyn rooftop of a housing complex... and local cops in Beaver Creek Ohio shoot a 22 yr old customer in a Wal Mart who was purchasing a bb gun, based on a hysterical and clearly out of his mind 911 caller that falsely claimed he was loading a rifle, and pointing it at kids

and the endless list I could post of cops, especially NYPD, killing innocent people that would prove how delusional the two cops cited above that want equal time to blather to the school kids? I'm forgoing, as I think I've made my point clear with evidence that NYPD kills lots of innocent people, those they don't rape with toilet plunger handles, and that the school kids need as much legal education as they can get to know how to handle the enemy that has legal immunity from charges while on duty, and gets paid vacation when accused with evidence, of brutality, battery, rape, and selling drugs. Seriously, this happens everyday, and the news media never needs to want for stories to run about corrupt cops, but can't find a wonderful cop story to run more often than semi-annually. We have to go back 30 years to State Trooper Stephen Murray

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