Friday, November 28, 2014

"Pizza Man" is up for sale. ( time NHRA record holder, 3 consecutive years NHRA world champ!)

I found this image back in 2011 and Hot Rod magazine just broke the news today that it's on ebay

After its drag racing days were over in 1971, it was tucked into a garage where it has been sitting. Today it’s for sale, and just as it was in 1971. This is no oddity from drag racing’s past. No, it’s a 9-time NHRA record holder in the Modified Production class, and a 3-time NHRA World Champion in three consecutive years; 1967-1969, and it's claimed that it won more NHRA World Championship Points in three consecutive years (1967-1969) than any other car in Street Eliminator history or any other Division

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