Sunday, November 16, 2014

Jaguar is roaring mighty loud with their new publicity campaign, (eating the competition for breakfast) but can they catch their competition?

The three major German car companies are the subject of Jaguar's clever marketing strategy. Audi, Mercedes and BMW, or more precisely their logos, are turned into delicious-looking dishes that you might want to eat but will never take seriously.

Audi's four rings are turned into a delicious-looking extra-large pretzel, while BMW's roundel is a blueberry and cream desert. Mercedes seems to be the worst off, as its star is a cutout between three slices of what looks like quiche. Yummy!

These print ads were put together by an agency called Y and R from Toronto, Canada, under the supervision of executive creative director Israel Diaz, who has worked with a number of other car companies, including Kia and Ford.

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