Saturday, November 22, 2014

incredible news... Ridley Scott is producing a steampunk movie! Carlos Saldanha, the director of the Ice Age movies, is attached to direct! "Diego and the Steam Pirates" I've posted about, will be a movie... wow!

I first posted about this artist and his steampunk story after ComicCon 2013 the above photo is from todays CTN Expo in Burbank

Less than a week afterclosing a deal for his debut three-book children’s series Timeless, the movie rights have been picked up by Fox. Carlos Saldanha, the director of the animated Rio and Ice Age movies, is attached to direct what would be a live-action/CG adaptation. Ridley Scott and Michael Schaefer of Scott Free Productions and Steve Tzirlin are producing.

The story is set in Chicago when a time implosion brings together people — and creatures — from the past, present and future. A boy sets out with his friends (who are all from different time periods) to rescue his father who has been captured by a Roman general.

The Pixar veteran artist and senior designer, left Pixar to write the series and has produced extensive concept art for the book, which Tegen editor Ben Rosenthal says will look similar to the art/text mix in The Invention of Hugo Cabret, adding, "Armand's captivating, brilliant art drops the jaw."  and

I took this opportunity to get more photos of Armand's airplane and Isetta model

Armand's Facebook page:
and his website

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