Wednesday, November 5, 2014

found some more great stuff at SEMA today, but have less time tonight to post it... so here's some upcoming galleries

foward control Jeep with tracks on each corner, no tires

2 very different 1970 Barracudas

a Nova with a Camaro front clip, called the '72 Chevy Nomaro

Chrisman Brothers and Cannon race car

the Craftsman Comet (they have the back tires on the wrong side)

the D-Boner bicycle

The Toy Store (PPG's booth, best one I've seen so far)

the Double Down 4 wheel drive duece coupe from Fuller Hot Rods

the barn find GT 500

Roadster Shop Charger and Mustang

a Marlin

and a full race Valiant 

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