Thursday, November 20, 2014

did you know Mercury Marine opened a Museum? It's in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Why am I posting about a boat motor company?

Well... it's an interesting museum, and founder Carl Kiekhaefer’s start in Nascar is the car angle that interests me in the museum's exhibits.

His desire to conquer automobile racing was initiated by running in the 1951 Carrera Panamericana where he and his team placed third on their 1st attempt.  Kiekhaefer was incensed by being beaten by two Ferrari cars.

The following year, he returned by airplane and had the cars transported by truck. Team Mercury finished third again, this time behind two Fords, despite illegal modifications made to the Fords and discovered by post-race inspectors.

That was enough for Kiekhaefer, who moved to NASCAR where he believed rules were honored. But after dominating the fledgling circuit for two years, rule changes he perceived as aimed directly at him drove Kiekhaefer from the sport forever.

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