Friday, November 14, 2014

a small variety of the miscellaneous stuff in the tire and rim hall at SEMA, not a complete look, just a few things that caught my eye

great candy dish!

not only is it a great idea to use rolling tool boxes for your stuff at SEMA, but to use Kennedy brand? Pretty damn smart. Most people pick some cheap brand, or easy to find stuff like Craftsman, but to pull Kennedy? Gets my respect.

Centerline topped it's booth with a hand hammered aluminum eagle

Mercury racing engines and their 1970 Charger (with 68 taillights) 4 cam twin turbo 552 cu in, some 1600 horsepower crate engine.. doesn't work yet, one of a half dozen Chargers at SEMA with over a 1000 horsepower

good eye catcher, and easy way to get their company info into free publicity

easily 10 or 12 foot tall tire, just huge!

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