Thursday, October 23, 2014

What motorcycle is worth 1.35 milion? Capt America. But is it really the bike from Easy Rider? Probably not

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But what is more interesting, is that the surviving bikes from Easy Rider, one Capt America and 2 Billy Bikes, were stolen at gunpoint from from Tex Hall's home, while he and his wife were bound and gagged and never recovered. So they are out there somewhere

The remains of the crashed Captain America were reportedly given to actor Dan Haggerty, (Grizzly Adams) who had a cameo role in the movie and also acted as a set mechanic, keeping all four bikes in working order. Haggerty reportedly resurrected the chopper, and the Los Angeles Times reports that it was sold to Texan Gordon Granger for $63,500 in 1996. Haggerty authenticated the bike in writing at the time of sale, and again in 2005.

Enter a second Captain America bike, also built by Haggerty and sold in 2002 to John Parham, with a second certificate of authenticity signed by Haggerty. Parham kept the bike until 2014, when it was sold to memorabilia collector Michael Eisenberg, with Haggerty’s certificate of authenticity and a note from Peter Fonda further identifying the motorcycle as “the only, last, original, authentic, ‘Captain America’ motorcycle from the 1969 movie Easy Rider.”

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