Friday, October 24, 2014

This qualifies as a "WTH?" photo

This is the totally unbelievable, but yet truthful story of a Sultan who was tormented in every dream by the presence of a small time-travelling child. The Sultan could no longer sleep, increasingly strong anxiety attacks were keeping him away from the affairs of his kingdom.

In order to counter the Sultan’s illness and because he was convinced that one had to go looking for the child in the land of dreams, an obscure engineer embarked upon the phenomenal construction of a Time Travelling Elephant, as far back as the year one thousand nine hundred.

A few months later, the Sultan sailed with part of his court in search of the Little-Girl-Giant who, in the nightmares he had, turned into a 5 meter high puppet. The journey was painful. However, a clue guided the crew. The Little Girl-Giant loved sewing : for example, she loved sewing cars onto the tarmac, boats onto the docks or trains onto their tracks and, from time to time, envelopes onto mailboxes.

The Elephant was running on the crew’s sweat. A love story can be a strange thing, and he felt the need to meet her, and he was so happy at times that he could defecate hundreds of live birds that disappeared into the sky with a roar of happiness.

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