Wednesday, October 22, 2014

nothing to see here, just more ignorant cops that can't comprehend the constitution, and the state laws, and yet are out harassing people. Good grief, are they too stupid to hold a real job?

if you want the gist of it, when they told some bicyclists (ooh, must be terrorists, get a swat team!) to leave a public park because the sign says the park is closed (as if it gets folded up and put away) and the cyclers didn't beat it, they then detained the cyclers, and told them they had no rights once detained.

It's commonly called Miranda rights, and they don't ever stop existing, nor do constitutional rights, and don't they cover that in rent a cop day one? Oh, you went through a police academy? Are you sure?

POLICE = Professionally Organized Liars In Criminal Escapades.

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