Friday, October 31, 2014

Mustangs from special promotions department of Ford could be ordered for limited run models

In 1969 there was a racetrack company, American Raceways International (contradiction?) that owned 5 racetracks, Atlanta, Eastern, Michigan, Riverside, and Texas.

 They contracted Ford to build pace cars for their NASCAR tracks, 5 convertibles and 5 Mach 1s.

The convertibles were going to be the real pace cars, and were geared for 155mph

Part of the deal was that 100 428 Super Cobra Jet cars with special side stripes and ARI graphics.

Then ARI went bankrupt, leaving Ford with 10 cool cars, and quite an investment in the developement work.

Kansas City sales district picked up on the cars and took them all off the hands of the promotions dept, as well as 100 Torinos with 429 Cobra Jets, These became what we know as the Twister Specials.

Ford ended up building 96 Mach 1, 1/2 were 351 Cleveland, and the other 1/2 were 428 Super Cobra Jets... plus 90 429 CJ Torinos, and 4 Rancheros with Clevelands. The Mustangs didn't all get 428s because the company ran out of them, and had 351s to spare

The registry for these cars:  info from

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