Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Chicago balances it's budget with estimated income from speeding ticket cameras, and failed to raise enough money. Yeah, all about safe driving, sure. Not for profit at all. Right

Over the last year Chicago's Mayor flooded the city with speed cameras in the proximity to schools and parks because it was estimated that the revenue to be collected was upwards of $100 million but good drivers set back this greedy political goal $50 million.

The tickets come with a $100 sticker price and the residents of Chicago got wise to this scam real quick.

Keep in mind, while installing all the speeding ticket cameras, they also shortened the stop light yellows illegally and put in stop light cameras.... and got busted for that just 2 weeks ago

This is a perfect example of how the system never sets out to prevent crime, they only wish to control it for profit. A report done by Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson, maintained “the City cannot prove red-light camera locations are based on safety considerations.”

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