Friday, October 24, 2014

1906 French Gran Prix, narrated in a scholarly analytic way, about racing, tires, rims, and speeds of replacing a flat tire with each variety of design... fantastic historical educational piece

Also, the method and situation of racing in 1906 is discussed, as they raced as a team of 3 cars, the A, the B, and the C of a numerical designator for a team.

Listening closely to the narrator informed me that Mr Lancia was driving, and that the Mercedes were 18.3 liter engines

The wealthy elite were exchanging their place in motor racing as a sport, with hiring the very best drivers so their team won. The difference is enjoying the race, or doing what it takes to see it as a business of winning or losing. Sad, they realized they were sacrificing their happy pastime of racing each other, for a score and trophy. Tsk. 

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